Spectacular Video

Superb Aerial footage of Guadeloupe , sometimes known as the Butterfly Island
Have you ever heard of Guadeloupe? Located as the southernmost of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Guadeloupe comprises two main islands: Basse-Terre Island and Grande-Terre. Controlled by France surprisingly makes Guadeloupe part of EU. Pilot Christopher Dormoy visited Guadeloupe for a holiday in 2015. Thankfully he took […]

Birds Eye Guadeloupe

Eco friendly Homes in iceland with grass roofs for insulation
The fantastic vistas and scenes captured by these pro’s in Iceland really showcase what an beautiful and varied country Iceland is. Using a DJI Phantom 3 to blow us away with spectacular imagery they let us escape with them on a wonderful journey that will enlighten and delight you.

Iceland – Not Just Ice

Beautiful Dubai looks superb from the sky
Ever been to Dubai? After watching this video you will feel like you know the place intimately. Thanks to the amazing technology available in today’s drones we can now explore magnificent cities and places and present them to new eyes in a moving and spectacular fashion. In this video by […]

Discovering Dubai With DJI