DJI Spreading Wings Lifts Large Payloads

Capable of professional quality cinematography the DJI spreading wings range of drones have payload capacities of more than 12 pounds (5.5kg). This allows them to easily carry most cameras and gimbals.

DJI S1000 Professional Octocopter Review

Expanding on the greater part of their ability, DJI have added to an octocopter that fuses everything we adore about the S800, alongside some new elements that are certain to make the S1000 a hit. Most importantly, it will be equipped for conveying cameras, for example, the Canon 5D imprint 3, also obviously as the majority of alternate cameras we are usual to utilizing with Zenmuse gimbals.

The Spreading Wings S800 is an immensely well known airframe, both for experts and beginners alike. Since its presentation, it has continuously advanced into what is currently the S800 Evo, utilizing new outlines and developments that DJI have adapted along the way. Joined with DJI’s Zenmuse line of camera gimbals, expert looking and stable elevated feature was anything but difficult to accomplish. With more up to date proficient evaluation cameras hitting the business, bigger and heavier than what has been utilized with the S800 some time recently, DJI saw a requirement for an overwhelming lifter, thus the S1000 was conceived.

DJI Spreading Wings Octocopter

The DJI professional range of octocopters and gimbals produce sensationally smooth imagery.

Collapsing Arms

The most instantly evident element of the S1000 is the way that the arms (or blasts) are foldable. Each of the eight arms overlap straight down, making this titan octocopter greatly convenient rapidly. At the base of every arm is an aluminum “knuckle”, that has a vast jolt through the base of it, which the arm rotates on. When the arm is in the raised position, an intense plastic lock turns into spot, pulling the arm in towards the edge as it bolts. The lock has an extremely intense and positive snap once it secures, and there is no play in the arm once it is bolted. Every arm has a high force LED mounted on the underside of the ESC, two red at the front and the rest are green. The props additionally overlap back effectively, and are held set up on the blast with little froth holders.

Power Distribution

The S1000 has a coordinated force conveyance board focused on the lower casing. The force link that leaves every arm is a wheedle style wire, with a push in fitting on the end. The attachment presses into the force conveyance board, no patching needed. The ESC wires plug into a servo port behind the “knuckle” of every arm.

Devoted Electronics Platforms

The principle edges have four positions accommodated mounting different gadgets. These stages are additionally where the battery and gimbal rails are mounted as well, through elastic detachment dampers.

Expanded Payload

Weighing around 9lbs, the most extreme departure weight is around 22lbs. This gives you a chance to convey heavier camera gear, for example, the Canon 5D imprint 3. Consolidated with a 15000mAh 6S battery, DJI are asserting 15 moment flight times.


Each of the arms have an implicit 40A ESC, much like the S800. Utilizing the same 4114 genius engine as the S800, and joined with the 1552 collapsing propellers, it is equipped for a most extreme push of around 5.5lbs.

Retractable Landing Gear

Like its S800 brethren, the S1000 uses coordinated retractable landing apparatus. The servos come preinstalled, with the breaking points officially set. Not at all like the Hitec marked servos on the S800 Evo, these servos are unbranded and in an all metal case. The arrival rigging legs simply should be connected to and you are ready. This gives you and/or your camera administrator an entire 360 degree open perspective, paying little mind to the course that the S1000 is flying in.


The S1000 flys faultlessly, and is an astounding camera stage. It’s expansive size and octo arrangement make it stable, while its collapsing arms and GPS reception apparatus make it unbelievably compact. It is snappy and simple to pack away, pretty much as it is brisk and simple to set up. The nature of the considerable number of parts is A+. The majority of the aluminum and carbon parts are flawlessly completed, and everything fits together splendidly. It is a quick form, with 90% of get together finished for you before it is even pressed away in the crate. The wheedle engine connectors mean no welding, which diminishes gathering time and lessens the possibility of a disappointment because of poor weld joints. This is certain to be the go to stage for any one searching for a substantial lift ethereal camera stage.